Sugar Free Meal Plan Membership

Eat 2 Defeat Type 2

with Quick and Delicious SUGAR FREE Meal Plans 


Every month you'll receive a play-by-play plan for taking back your health by getting rid of the sugar in your diet.

  • Quick & Easy Chef-Crafted Recipes
  • Truly Sugar, Wheat and Dairy Free
  • Complete Shopping Lists and Weekly Prep Guides
  • BONUSES! 12 Amazingly Sugar Free Desserts AND The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Clean Food

Did you just spend another chunk of your life stuck in traffic?  

Does thinking about "What's for dinner tonight?" make you groan?  

Coming up with healthy, tasty meals for Dinner night after night is complicated, is time-consuming, and you forgot the last time dinner was fun.  

. . .and don't get me started on grocery shopping - THAT is a crowded, unpleasant time suck as well.  

Your doctor said to change how you eat but that list they gave you doesn't come with meal planning intructions - you're about to wave the white flag. . .  


I know what it's like to struggle with preparing healthy meals and how difficult it can be to eat without sugar. . .  

Wanting to cook meals that don't take heaps of time to prepare, AND are delicious enough for the whole family to enjoy. . .  

That's why I created the SUGAR FREE MEAL PLAN Membership  

Finally, Meal Plans for delicious recipes that don't include Sugar, Wheat or Dairy.

When you take those three foods out of your diet, you don't have to worry about counting carbs or calories.

Want to know the Side Effects?

Your Blood Sugar Levels will plummet! You'll have Increased Energy Your Skin will Clear Up Your Sleep will Improve So will your Libido

Oh, and let's not forget . . . Weight Loss

Here's what a client who recently took sugar, wheat and dairy out of her diet for ten days texted me:  

This is going to change your world! 

Each Month contains 64 Delicious, Easy to Prepare Recipes that are Free of Sugar, Wheat and Dairy.  

Lowering your blood sugar becomes effortless  

You'll Get In and Out of the Kitchen and the Super Market FAST!  

Meal Prep will finally make sense and become an easy part of your routine as you make healthy eating a regular part of your lifestyle. 

  Each week contains at least 16 recipes! That's 3 for Breakfast, 7 for Lunch/Dinner and 8 for Snacks 

BONUSES! (Cause who doesn't love those?)  

12 Amazingly Sweet Sugar Free Desserts There are ideas in here that are so delectable, quick and simple that you'll wonder how on earth there's no sugar, wheat or dairy in them! ​​​​​​​AND The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Clean Food This is the guide you need to become an informed consumer when shopping for healthy foods in the land mine that is today's grocery store  

Imagine New Healthy Recipes every month.  

Imagine Done-for-You Menu Plans, Shopping Lists and even sweeter. . . Prep Guides to make it all go smoother.

Imagine having more Time and Energy to spend on things you really want to do....  

No more Stress, Free up Time, Save Money, Energy and start living your life.


The Sugar Free Meal Plan Membership will revitalize how you prep, prepare and enjoy eatng healthy meals.

BONUS: A copy of the outrageously wonderful 12 Sugar Free Desserts


The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Clean Food that will turn you into a Healthy Food Shopping Ninja

End your subscription at anytime simply by sending an email . . . no questions asked!

Sound good? Of course it does!  

$37 a month . . . Sweet!


Hi there! My name is Janine Hamilton. I'm the founder of a Sugar Free Life! and our mission is twofold: ​ Give people the tools they need to make the shift to living a life with fresh, delicious food without sugar simple and enjoyable.  

Support the growing community of people who are determined to live free of sugar, free of toxins and free of Type 2 Diabetes.

What will you eat? LOTS of scrumptous, unprocessed food!